Does usps use drug sniffing dogs

People would just stop sending them through the mail until the police/DEA abandoned that expensive program. Mar 27, 2013 · In a 5-4 decision, justices held that police cannot use drug-sniffing dogs outside of a home to detect illegal drugs inside, unless officers have a warrant, reports Reuters. In fact, dogs don’t mature until 2 years of age, so if you want your male dog to look like a male, don’t neuter him until 2 years. Just don’t do it. Jul 22, 2016 · post office drug sniffing dogs does post office drug test NAIL USPS INTERVIEW AND GET HIRED – Duration: 4:36. He said they are required to physically inspect all packages. But the Drug Dogs and the Meaning of ‘Search’ In 2013, the U. Drug Sniffing Dogs Cbd Oil Veterans For Cannabis Cbd Oil Cbd Oil And Drug Relapse Cbd Oil In Prescott Az Best Cbd Oil Reviews 2017 Is Cbd Oil Mailable Via Usps We just found out that the USPS is now required to open 5 Media Mail & 5 Bound & Printed Matter packages every day and inspect them. Following the first day of recreational cannabis […] Sep 05, 2009 · They also have drug sniffing dogs (FEd ex and ups do not as far as im aware) which is the part that sucks but its still safer than hoping you can fool the ups workers who can open it for no reason. ” Author: Mike Duffy I’m guessing it got hit on by drug/explosives detection equipment/dogs and that was why they were there. 1976)-The indication of drugs after a sniff from a well trained drug detection police dog is sufficient to establish probable cause. Believe it or not, the Supreme Court has ruled that officers do not need reasonable suspicion to let drug dogs sniff your car during a routine traffic stop. All of our drug dogs are trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin with the option to be trained with a passive or aggressive alert. Employees are trained to identify certain characteristics of packages which may indicate illegal contents. But as the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis spreads, drug-sniffing dogs are being taught to ignore marijuana and focus more on heroin, ecstasy, and methamphetamine. The FedEx manager said in-bound international shipments are screened by x-ray or bomb-sniffing dogs, and said the Texas blast could lead to changes in domestic security screening. Does sniffing tissue count as a drug? Sep 15, 2015 · Drug War. But remember, trying to mask odors does not work! K-9s smell like humans see. Put a false return address on if you’re worried about legal consequences. Many dogs are highly intelligent animals that can follow commands with proper training and do a variety of tricks. We also train each dog to detect drugs in vehicles, open areas, lockers, luggage. A drug dog sniff allows the police to quickly decide whether a person or a car is carrying drugs, guns, or any other illegal substance. Sometimes it’s on the side of the road during a routine traffic stop. At USPS, the volume of parcels (6. The USPS is practically bankrupt as it is. Substances in this category include heroin, marijuana They use x-ray scanner to detect marijuana. The report also found that the legislation was ineffective at detecting persons in supply of prohibited drugs, with only 0. Most commonly you will see German Shepard’s or blood hounds as they have great scent abilities. Don`t forget, a dog’s are 50 to 100x more sensitive to smells than us! So when you can smell something, the sniffing dogs will likely freak out. Postal Service worker identified a package at a postal processing center as having strong odor of marijuana. New marijuana delivery companies are appearing with the legalization of marijuana. No. But probably not so much that I won’t take a calculated risk to secure the medication that serves me The report stated that prohibited drugs were found in only 26% of searches following an indication by a drug sniffer dog. The following month, Diesel and Ace, another dog, were set to work sniffing out cash and found packages containing almost $100,000 that investigators suspect was payment for mailed drugs. We initiated this audit to address allegations regarding postal employees’ handling of packages suspected of containing marijuana at seven post offices Nov 26, 2010 · Upon discovery of a suspicious package, postal inspectors notify the Omaha Police Narcotics Unit. They also use drug-sniffing dogs to detect odors emitting from packages, containers, and plastic bags. The electronics-detecting dogs can distinguish between a television and a hard drive, but not an iPad or computer and a hard drive, according to Connecticut Mar 07, 2018 · JD: The reason everybody ships through USPS is that it’s run by the government, so there’s an extra level of rules and regulations they have to follow. According to USPS rules, they can ship the hemp as long as they have proper documentation showing the authenticity of the shipment. Drug Dogs Sniffing the U. . I got a job offer from the Post Office! Apr 21, 2015 · High court limits drug-sniffing dog searches during traffic stops The Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling applies the 4th Amendment’s ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures” and covers all the Spaceman Spiff So he sends drugs via the postal service, who has drug sniffing dogs or whatever. But when I see the contents of my luggage scrutinized and I, myself body-scanned by stern folks with badges, I worry a little about being locked up. A police drug-sniffing dog confirmed the suspicions on two incoming packages addressed to the return address on the outgoing parcel. Jardines) ruled that the use of a drug-sniffing dog on a homeowner’s porch with the intention of investigating the contents of the home was a “search” in the context of the Fourth Amendment. You can test it by putting some smelly substance in the container and leaving it in a ziplock bag during the night, after some time open the zippered pouch to see if you Oct 06, 2017 · 1) Mail it USPS–they need a warrant to search your mail; FedEx and UPS don’t. S. If the dog reacts to the package, the police will obtain a search warrant. Please don’t flame me for this question. The device is also non-intrusive, which allows it to quickly identify shipments of illegal substances without agents having to physically open and inspect packages. To increase your chances of avoiding trouble from shipping weed, use airtight bags that zip tight and keep the skunky smell out; remember, a dog’s sense of smell is as much as 100 times more sensitive than yours. Mail at Burning Man, and Armed BLM Agents Becoming Impromptu Mailmen Disturbing privacy-violating practice at Burning Man finds drug dogs once again striking out. Race, 529 F. The dogs can’t be un-trained to sniff out cannabis—but fortunately, most dogs retire as pets and are adopted by their handlers. But dogs have a unique talent in the way they smell. My point Id prefer a private company that refuses such activity over a Gov run entitiy that grants such permissions any day. Cbd Oil Drug Sniffing Dogs (3) Possible Benefits Of Cbd Oil (2) Advantages Of Cbd Oil On Sleep (3) Shaman Cbd Oil No Hc (9) Alpha Cbd Oil For Sale (1) 50 Shades Of Green Cbd Oil (2) Cbd Oil Isolate Tincture Recipe (7) Cbd Oil Drug Sniffing Dogs (9) Medical Effects Of Cbd Oil (1) Perfect Fitness (3) Mix Cbd Oil With Vape Juice (2) Pure Fitness (4) They also use drug-sniffing dogs to detect odors permeating from packages, containers, and even plastic bags. ” Say a friend wants to visit another friend but doesn’t want to travel with say. 10 years ago. Basically the only way it’ll get opened is if a K-9 sniffs your mail (I haven’t heard any credible evidence saying that this even takes place, but I suppose it’s a possibility). By the time U. May 26, 2020 · They also use drug-sniffing dogs to detect odors permeating from packages, containers, and even plastic bags. ★ Hemp Oil Used For Garden Plants Can Drug Sniffing Dogs Smell Hemp Oil Isolated Hemp Oil Made How Colorado Buy Hemp Oil Where In Fort Collins Can I Get Cbd Hemp Very interesting segment on 60 minutes regarding the importation of Fentanyl to US, and the ease of doing so using USPS. For example, the USPS needs to get a search warrant before they can open your package, whereas if a private shipping company wants to use dogs to sniff out packages of weed, they have that USPS regularly grants access to law enfor***ent with drug dogs to scan warehouses / packages. Reports say a U. Only if a package or letter is hand selected would they do a complete verification of a senders address. In 2014, when recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado, the USPS found 234 packages that contained marijuana. These consolidated cases involved two defendants who were separately charged with unlawfully delivering marijuana. Of these, 84% were for small amounts of cannabis deemed for personal use. Don`t forget, dogs are 50 to 100 times more sensitive to smells than us! So when you can smell something, the sniffing dogs will likely freak out. Detection dogs are used extensively by police to sniff out drugs, weapons and even cadavers. Minnesota is whether a drug dog’s sniff outside an apartment door constitutes a lawful search under the Fourth Amendment. and packages. Some female dogs will get very fat after they are spayed. Inside, documents showed inspectors found more Aug 23, 2019 · But the drug dogs were not trained to detect fentanyl until 2017. If it does not, the police would be required to May drug dealers believe shippers like the US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx are so mechanized and deal with so many packages that detecting drugs with drug sniffing dogs is impractical. This is an important distinction, since an official police search Jan 29, 2017 · How to Beat Drug Dogs Prevent Drug Dogs From Smelling Weed & Other Drugs. USPS employees won’t open anything, but if suspicious, postal inspectors will. Jul 22, 2016 · post office drug sniffing dogs does post office drug test Post Office Exam USPS 473 Assessment Answers Pass No Studying Required – Duration: 24:39. You should use airtight bags that zip tight. In the past, drug-sniffing dogs were often used to establish probable cause. mushrooms. Deadlock Entertainment 131,838 views. 2 billion in 2018) makes it impossible for every package to be vetted. It was a bowling ball that had been drilled, stuffed w/pot, plugged, and then surrounded by coffee grounds. Of course there IS a possibilty it will be sniffed, The Use of Drug Sniffing Dogs . Jul 26, 2016 · The United States Postal Service are a government agency and therefore subject to federal law. Jul 11, 2007 · Drug dogs can be trained to sniff out anything with a smell. Nov 29, 2018 · This AI-powered scanner will sniff out your drugs in the mail. 19% of indications And they are watching all the time. A package has to be suspected or out of place for further investigation, by “Special” postal agents, to inspect a package. Some dogs are able to detect other contraband such as exotic animals. There’s a reason dogs have been employed by man for centuries to hunt, and why police use these intelligent creatures to sniff out illicit substances. ) That being When postal employees suspect a package contains marijuana or any illegal drug, they must [redacted], inform a supervisor, and contact the Postal Inspection Service for guidance. Companies can compare outgoing mail with USPS databases, but not directly pull up someone’s address for personal gain or to commit a crime. “Farley just thinks he’s playing. You can put down anyone’s name and the package will still get delivered. Not your tiny amount of medical weed. Again, this type of screening is focused on drug dealers. Facebook hasn’t limited your feed to only Ammo does need the ORM-D sticker but again if the box isn’t opened and is shipped Ground they wouldn’t know anyway. Once you put non-paper in an envelope, it is no longer a first class letter. A new, official ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court determined that drug dogs can only be used in cases when probable cause has already been established. Their sense of smell is among the most impressive in the animal kingdom, and their level of intelligence means they can be trained to use this sense to detect very specific odors. So far, the agency has trained 450 dogs A company in Elmwood was sending 400 lbs of hemp flower through the mail. How does a citizen file a formal complaint against a local post office for poor service? May 22, 2015 · Spaceman Spiff • May 22, 2015 3:02 PM. We likely think of drug detection dogs being limited to breeds common to K-9 units such as the German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. Despite their excellent ability to detect certain substances, the overwhelming amount of mail in the system means that they will not be able to sniff all mail. In fact, even if the dog was focused, I’d still have at least a 1 in 3 chance. A local drug dealer got busted for shipping meth, but he did it for at least a year and a half before they caught him. The San Diego field office has about 60 drug detection dogs, but CBP officials want more. They get a hit, and then the feds (sending contraband via the USPS is Feb 13, 2020 · Use something smell-proof, but if you see a drug-sniffing dog at the airport, they are trained in one thing only, explosives. May 06, 2008 · I have it on personal authority that the USPS does not use “drug or bomb sniffing dogs” for state-side mail on a package by package basis; now mail coming through customs may be different. Some of the drug dog training places say that they can be trained to sniff out some prescription drugs. They get a hit, and then the feds (sending contraband via the USPS is a federal crime) monitor for hits on that package Drug-sniffing dogs smell out odors that come out of containers, luggage, and even plastic bags. (And they can’t smell seeds or LSD. Unfortunately, Boyca the drug sniffing dog alerted the authorities of the suspicious shipments which came back hot. I’m sure we all agree that Fentanyl is a dangerous drug that doesn’t belong on the streets of America, but also seems like propaganda piece to encpurage implementing of tighter regulations on postal service. Jul 21, 2015 · Despite the clever ruse of using a dog smokescreen for his alleged drug trafficking, Perez clearly didn’t count on the police having dogs of their own – drug sniffing dogs who discovered the packages at the ball player’s local post office, which lead to a search warrant and an undercover officer being sent to Perez’s home in the guise Source for all postal workers and employees for postal news, postal forums, postal resources, postal benefits, and much more! Letter carriers, clerk craft, mail handlers, rural carriers, postal managers, postal supervisors, postmasters and all other postal employees are welcome. The United States began training dogs to identify illegal substances in the late 1960s. Aug 17, 2015 · The failure of the drug sniffing K-9 to hit on the package doesn’t automatically render the search unreasonable nor does it suggest, by itself, that the seizure was unlawful. When presented with a bowl of stew, humans see all the ingredients but only smell one odor … stew. They’re Postal inspectors will open letters and the person knowingly receiving it will be arrested if caught. [Redacted]. A Yukon man was arrested last week after a package of drugs was delivered by mail to his home. The package is then opened, its contens fully examined, and a controlled delivery by DEA agents and local authorities is made. If it is an international airport, they may be trained for cocaine as well. Many drugs come from China and Southeast Asia, and some come from Mexico as well. postal inspectors knocked on Ian Mair’s door Apr 07, 2014 · Krenn is reluctant to describe the service’s most effective drug-detection methods, which reportedly include drug-sniffing dogs and package profiling, saying, “If we gave you any detail According to court documents, investigators used a drug sniffing dog to find a suspicious package at the postal processing center in Scarborough. Inspectors rely on tips, drug-sniffing dogs and profiling methods to identify suspected narcotics packages. As the Supreme Court said in 2005 : “A dog sniff conducted during a concededly lawful traffic stop that reveals no information other than the location of a substance that no individual has any Increased efforts have led to a dramatic increase in drug and money seizures and arrests. Jun 13, 2007 · No, the USPS doesn’t use x-ray machines, or anything like that. Jan 19, 2018 · In a nutshell, if the item has a scent, the dogs can be trained to sniff it out. Please know that being in possession of a prescription medication without a Jan 15, 2017 · Some people use food (especially foods that high strong scents, which can also throw off any postal inspection canine units – yes, postal inspectors do employ the use of drug sniffing dogs in some instances and locations). Courts reviewing such situations tend to want to say they are looking at the totality of the circumstances rather than norrow-focusing on isolated factors. A dog’s sense of smell is as much as 100 times more sensitive than ours. In other words, if the dogs smelled something they were trained to detect, that was reason enough to search. Supreme Court. He’s lying if he told her that. Aug 07, 2011 · 9 years ago There may be drug dogs that sniff the mail and for possible explosives as someone else mentioned. my packages like she is a drug sniffing dog lol No worries last The Drug Enforcement Administration says that Schedule 1 drugs are the most likely to be abused and have no accepted medical use. As the USPS is subject to federal guidelines, any illegal use of their services is a felony. Drug dogs Drug dogs are trained to detect even trace amounts of controlled substances in the mail and are used by virtually all customs agencies world wide. For example, postal inspectors seized 964,000 grams of marijuana in 1992 compared to 8. May 20, 2020 · I will not state the key to this in a public forum, but the thing you have to know is that your source, if International, must package with the intention of beating a system designed to X-Ray packages entering the country, run drug-sniffing dogs up and down a ramp full of packages, and finally run through human inspection for anything that may Nov 12, 2019 · Concerns over the use of vape pens to inhale drugs continue to grow as hundreds of vaping-related illnesses have been reported. 19% of indications The USPS, FedEx, UPS and others let drug sniffing dogs check packages and also do x-ray packages. The president’s 2020 Independence Day address wasn’t the smoothest of speeches, but neither was it as historically challenged as claimed by some critics. 4:36. The unit’s supervisor assigns a drug dog handler to meet with the inspector and present the package to the dog. Apr 19, 2018 · The new detectors, the agency said, can sniff out over 14,000 different substances, including industrial chemicals, bomb-making materials and narcotics. The report stated that prohibited drugs were found in only 26% of searches following an indication by a drug sniffer dog. ” Dowd continued: I traveled with the two parcels to the USPS facility in Braintree, Massachusetts, where I placed the Parcel #2 and Parcel #3 at different ends of a large loading dock. Jan 16, 2013 · Foil, glass, oils and cold temperatures are all good to use. . The culprit then gets arrested and sent to federal prison for a year. A dog’s scent is 50 to 100 times more sensitive to a human nose, therefore, if you can smell through the bag, be sure that a drug sniffing dog will most certainly do the same. Dowd called an officer in the nearby Braintree Police Department to bring his drug-sniffing dog “Lucky. Does UPS have dogs that sniff packages for drugs – Answers no, but they have machines, and local police deprtments are on site for narcotics, and explosives dectection. My dad Is at CEO level with USPS and giving out people’s addresses is a felony I believe. At the USPS, mail screening falls Motherboard story on how law enforcement tracks down the source of mail bombs and this Smithsonian story about how bomb-sniffing dogs are trained. In fact, interactions with drug sniffing dogs in public aren’t thought to be intrusive enough to be considered “searches” under Fourth Amendment law. Drug-sniffing dogs cannot look for these packages as sniffing the drugs could kill them. Typical drug-sniffing dogs include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Belgian Malinois, and Unfortunately, the rules regarding the use of drug-sniffing dogs take these critical safeguards away. It will identify weapons, explosives, and synthetic drugs devices that detect gas molecules — or smell — with much more Mar 20, 2018 · Price said the companies aren’t required to use X-ray, explosive-trace detection or canine screening but can at their option. In the other case, another postal inspector seized the package after a drug-sniffing dog alerted to the package, and the Nov 02, 2012 · Drug-sniffing dogs are regulars in law enforcement, but where the dogs can sniff will be decided by the U. Once the package is isoloated, a drug-sniffing dog is brought in to investigate further. United States v. Warming Up Cbd Oil How Many Drops Are In A 500mg Cbd Oil Drop Can Cbd Oil Help Burning Mouth Syndrome Will You Test Positive On Cbd Oil Is Cbd Oil Legal In Souh Dakota Although major paint are no stranger to producing more environmentally friendly paints, a capable majority individuals can still contain hazardous substances. see also A new analysis by the Chicago Tribune has called into question the accuracy of drug-detecting dogs used during roadside traffic stops. Apr 25, 2019 · I use usps to send . It wouldn’t be the smartest move on your part. However Dec 22, 2014 · Said I was going to use the same label and I would deal with USPS if the other one showed up. They rotate between bomb, weapon and drug sniffing dogs. Jun 26, 2018 · Feds use dogs to sniff out drugs in mail packages New weapon in fight against opioid epidemic; Matt Finn reports from Chicago. UPS REFUSES law enforcment access to their facilities for this purpose. The longer marijuana is kept there, the more likely it is that a drug-sniffing dog is going to pick up on the scent. For example, the USPS needs to get a search warrant before they can open your package, whereas if a private shipping company wants to use dogs to sniff out packages of weed, they have that right. A drug sniffing-dog hit on the package, indicating that it contained a controlled substance, and the Postal Service notified law enforcement. Drug dogs can sniff out single or double wrapped packages. Place , 462 US 696 (1983)-The court determined that the sniffing of personal items of a person in a public place by a dog for the purpose of finding contraband was not May 05, 2020 · Before looking at the issue of whether drug dogs can smell CBD, it’s good to understand how drug dogs work. As you might have gathered from this, over time, the dog will learn to seek out whatever smell, not for the smell’s sake (as has been often erroneously suggested by those insinuating the dogs are addicted to the drugs), but rather because they associate finding the source of the smell with their favorite toy and They can use many different types of dogs as drug sniffing dogs. November 12, 2019 Jermaine Galloway Photos and Videos May 21, 2015 · Apparently the Portland, Oregon police had a standard practice in place where they would pull suspicious looking packages from the mail at the USPS mail center and have a drug dog sniff the package to try to determine if there was anything illegal inside. Same deal, cops set up a sting, driver delivered, got autograph, consignee arrested. Dec 20, 2010 · The address from the sender is irrelevant. and guess what, as he was randomly having the dog sniff packages for drugs and such (( I notice the same cargo will take FCM, priority . I have a couple of friends that work for UPS and have asked them a lot of this stuff before. They can’t afford to employ a drug sniffing dog. Joseph Llinas 49,513 views. We all know how potent cannabis can smell, so it is safe to assume that drug traffickers have some knowledge of packaging materials. Essentially, a drug dog’s signal becomes the probable cause. They use x-ray scanner to detect marijuana. Apr 05, 2001 · Actually, people do that and it DOES work. Not sure why they’d have to open it to determine the contents, they can just x-ray it. 2d 12 (5th Cir. They will find a way to hold the mail and search it. They do have drug sniffing dogs, but there’s obviously not one in each post office. Nov 28, 2018 · ozens of drug-sniffing dogs across the United States and Canada are retiring, because their skills at detecting cannabis are no longer needed in areas with legal cannabis. Mar 07, 2018 · A: The reason everybody ships through USPS is that it’s run by the government, so there’s an extra level of rules and regulations they have to follow. 3 million grams seized so far this year. The authorities then track down the person that sent the package by the sender label on the package. News & World Report, from October 2015 to October 2016, the number of packages containing weed or weed products rose by over 18 percent over the previous two time periods (October 2014-15 and October 2013-14). I did search but found nothing under “shipping” and “sending. EDIT from another person: Feb 04, 2019 · At issue in Edstrom v. Dogs can separate odors with their supernatural snouts. does usps actually check whats inside a package? but if that is something that has to go on a plane then I cant promise the drug sniffing doggies wont get a wiff of it. 4. It is a federal offense for a person to open a package that has that seal (forget what its called). In one case United States Postal Service (USPS) took a package out of a mail hamper and put it on the floor so that a drug-detection dog could sniff it. So he sends drugs via the postal service, who has drug sniffing dogs or whatever. The court determined that this use of drug-sniffing dogs constituted a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. I will not state the key to this in a public forum, but the thing you have to know is that your source, if International, must package with the intention of beating a system designed to X-Ray packages entering the country, run drug-sniffing dogs up and down a ramp full of packages, and finally run through human inspection for anything that may According to U. To increase your chances of avoiding trouble from shipping weed , use airtight bags that zip tight and keep the skunky smell out; remember, a dog’s sense of smell is as much as 100 times more sensitive than yours. Probably already knew the money was in there and were trying to feel you out about it’s purpose/source. After examining three years of data for suburban departments Drug-sniffing dogs smell out odors that come out of containers, luggage, and even plastic bags. If they have probable cause. Feb 14, 2009 · As far as the coffee grounds myth, we had the drug dogs come through and they alerted on a pkg. Meet ‘Farley’ the Citrus Heights K9 with a stellar sniff record “Farley doesn’t know he’s a drug dog,” said Moranz. They go through the mail here in my part of CA with drug sniffing dogs all the time since I am near an area where they grow lots of Marijuana. Supreme Court (Florida v. In question in the cases brought before the high court Wednesday Many of the drug sniffing type police dogs are neutered. It isn’t worth it. There are usually spot tests, using drug sniffing dogs etc. As a result, a warrant is required to perform the Federal postal inspectors used drug-sniffing dogs trained to detect tetrahydrocannabinol, THC — the main psychoactive compound in marijuana — to search mail packages at the Denver mail If the package is being shipped under fake names (which USPS computers can easily discern), it attracts the attention of drug sniffing dogs, or has been shipped from a monitored, known drug shipping address, they are within their rights to get a warrant and open it. CHICAGO – Some of the frontlines in preventing lethal opioids and The USPS has drug sniffing dogs that find the packages, then the USPS reports it to authorities. This would happen up to 40 times a day apparently. What would be the best way to send it? And how easy is it to get caught? I read once that the sender Postal workers are trained to inspect packages, and it is safe to assume they also have dogs that are trained to sniff out drug paraphernalia within packages. On top of that, it wouldn’t be feasible to fight drugs that way. does anyone else use the other 2 shippers on CIM ? I like the price I get I just assumed the other 2 were way more expensive but maybe it’s a good idea to shift around Drug-sniffing dogs will likely be associated with the narcotics unit or with agencies such as the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Trained Drug Dogs. I doubt that many are trained to do that though. In some state correctional facilities, the dogs have been used to detect contraband cellphones . There are a lot of scenarios where the 420 pot toker is pitted against the drug dog. so my advice: vacuum sealer + good packaging = a happy buyer/seller. How safe is it to send a small amount of drugs in the mail (ie, 1 oz of weed, 30 pills, etc)? Is domestic mail sent by drug dogs or x-rayed? Is FedEx or Overnight mail x-rayed or drug dogged? Can anyone do anything if the package was caught with no valid return address and I have no previous She laughed and said obviously I shouldn’t worry about my stash. If the authorities did their job with the drug sniffing dogs they use, the way the package is taped is again irrelevant. If problems do arise, if is much better to have a medical cannabis card in hand, where say the package contains a high-CBD strain and the user has Epilepsy. Jun 07, 2013 · The smell of marijuana alerted the postal service, according to a USPS report. The post office does not give out addresses to people, like your ex. Jet, a drug-sniffing dog from Cleveland, confirmed that drugs were inside. Aug 09, 2018 · Packages can be sent through the mail and they are hard to find in the huge number of packages coming from around the world. Our local PO told us that a Media Mail package using an Amazon generated label was open… The packages did not smell of marijuana, the officer would later testify, but he said they didn’t feel like stickers, so he called for a K-9 officer to bring a drug-sniffing dog to check them out. I float between 2 post offices and use my address but shift my name as a small business sounding thing . Drug sniffing dogs are used on occasion at certain facilities, as deemed appropriate by the US Postal Inspection Service. May 13, 2015 · here is a fun fact, My best friend is a K-9 police at our local international air port, FEW years back I was in a big brother big sister program and I took 2 3 kids for tour the air port with him and his Dog. The use of a drug sniffing dog by law enforcement is one of the key tools in a police officers arsenal. You never know which one is doing the sniff

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